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  • This legal notice regulates use of the service provided by the „“ Internet portal of Generga Ltd., a Lithuanian company with registered offices at Energetiku st. 17, LT-52368, Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • The terms and conditions below set out the basis for use of the services of this portal. By using the services provided, the user declares that they are enjoying the information services provided by the Generga Ltd. portal, in accordance with current legislation and these terms and conditions. If you should decide at any time that you do not accept the terms and conditions under which this Service is provided, you must cease using these pages. This legal information complements the Personal Data Protection Policy set out elsewhere on this portal.
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  • These terms and conditions may be changed in response to changes in legislation or as the owner of the portal sees fit. The user is therefore responsible for reading these terms and conditions every time they access the portal. To the extent that this is possible, the publication date of the terms and conditions of use will be displayed on the portal.
  • The purpose of this Portal is to provide the user with information and guidance on the products manufactured and marketed by Generga Ltd. and the services that it offers. Generga Ltd. hereby informs you that the content of this website is provided for information only, and is therefore not in itself sufficient for taking decisions or entering into contractual arrangements in specific cases. The content offered on this website shall not be construed to represent a contractual offer, or professional advice or services, by Generga Ltd. Therefore, the owner of this portal shall accept no responsibility for any damage or injury arising from, or related to, the use of such information, particularly with regard to:

A) The information lacking veracity, accuracy, exhaustiveness or relevance, or not being up-to-date.

B) Any failure to comply, delay in complying, or defective compliance or termination for any reasons of any obligations contracted by others, and contracts entered into with others, through or resulting from accessing the content on this portal.

  • Generga Ltd. may make improvements and/pr changes to the products described herein at any time and without prior notice. Therefore: the information communicated through the portal, being understood to include all our photos, images, resources, features and technical characteristics of the products and services displayed, is non-contractual. The user should contact Generga Ltd. By phone or email to obtain and verify the characteristics and features of the products offered. The owner of this portal accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided through this portal. The user is responsible for all usage of such information.
  • In general, the user does not need to register in order to enjoy these services. However, Generga Ltd. may require the user to provide certain information in order to use some services or access some information. In this case, the user undertakes to provide the information requested accurately and truthfully, and to request its updating in the event of any inaccuracy or errors. The user shall be solely responsible for any damage or injury suffered as a result of inaccuracy in data they provide to this portal.
  • The User undertakes from this moment onwards to use the Portal and information obtained from it in accordance with the law, this Legal Notice, together with any other notifications made to them, and in good faith. Therefore, the User undertakes to use the Services and information provided for legal ends and purposes, without damaging or impairing the information or data received or the working of the portal or the equipment used in its provision.
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  • As the legitimate owner of the intellectual property rights of this Portal, Generga Ltd. prohibits the use of frames or any other means of disguising the origin or source of the content. Therefore, it is prohibited to link to or frame this website, without first informing the owner of the portal. Generga Ltd. prohibits any linking to internal or subsidiary pages within this portal (“deep linking”) or extracting and presenting content from this portal within another (“framing”). It is further expressly prohibited to use the trademarks, product names or any other distinctive signs belonging to Generga Ltd. as “metatags”.
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  • The User uses the Generga Ltd. portal on their own risk. Generga Ltd. does not guarantee the availability or continuity of these portal services, or their security or reliability. Generga Ltd. does not accept any responsibility for any loss of user data or information, unless this is due to serious negligence or is intentional on its part. Generga Ltd. will not accept any responsibility for any damage or injury that may arise as a result of measures adopted by the public authorities, the repercussions of labour disputes, force majeure, natural catastrophes or accidental damage that was in no way intentional on its part. The User understands that they cannot enjoy the portal’s services without first accepting the guarantee exclusions and limits of responsibility set out in these terms and conditions.
  • Neither the authors nor the owners of this website accept responsibility for any electronic damage that may be suffered by the user as a result of accessing the content of this website. Generga Ltd. uses its best endeavours to safeguard the security of this portal. However, it cannot guarantee that it will be free or viruses or other harmful elements that might cause damage or otherwise harm information systems, electronic documents or user data on this website. Therefore, Generga Ltd. shall accept no responsibility for any damage or injury that such elements might cause to them or to third parties.
  • Generga Ltd. has no obligation to control, and does not control, the use that Users make of this website and its content. In particular, Generga Ltd. does not guarantee that Users use this Portal, its services and content in accordance with this Legal Notice and any applicable Specific Terms and Conditions, or that they do so diligently and prudently.  As these services are provided free-of-charge, Generga Ltd. shall use its discretion in deciding which and how many services to provide. It may at any time limit, increase or change these services, which shall remain subject to the terms and conditions of use at all times.

Any questions relating to the use of this website and its content shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Use and the legislation of Lithuania. Lithuania, expressly waiving any entitlement they may have to any other jurisdiction, to resolve any disputes or discrepancies that may arise in the interpretation or compliance of this agreement, save for any provision in law to the contrary.